Average Engagement Ring Size

Different Issues Concerning the Engagement Ring Size

woman holding a bouquet of red flowers Did you know that the size of your finger changes when they are hot or cold? In a UK standard, different fingers change differently in an average of half-size. So, take your time in getting the correct size of your ring.

The two neighboring sizes have a little difference, so when your jeweler hands you the size, make sure that you try a few sizes up and down. Keep doing this until you already feel the one that suits you best. You can take your finger size by yourself where you can feel the ring on.

Your finger swells in hot weather, so choose a tighter fit. Keep in mind that it is safer and easier for most designs to be resized up rather than resized down. So, consider the weather if you have doubts. Take note that there will be some changes of the ring once it is resized most especially when it has pave or channel set small stones.

Reducing one size of a ring would make the setting loose which creates problems. Bangles, delicate rings, and wedding bands are normally work hardened after the last hot operation, particularly things in palladium white gold. This is very important for the strength of the annulled piece procedure wherein the piece is heated again. Problems occur when you resize a ring that has important and expensive stones.

There are some designs (what comes first in mind is the Niessing’s tension set solitaire) which are impossible to resize. In simpler words, avoid getting your jewelry resized. During the first time of your purchase, take your time in choosing the right size.

Another issue about the right fit is the shape of the finger. Two types require special attention, the first one is the conical finger and the second is the one with extremely big knuckles. The fit for a conical finger is very much a one size fits in all scenarios, this is possible because of its almost no pronounced knuckle. The only problem of this type of finger is it is unsafe for heavy designs, which can easily fly away or slip off with a sudden movement of the hand. My recommendation is to go for the lighter designs or use of full or half spring.

The big knuckles require a fairly large size ring to pass through and end up on the following thinner part of the finger where it is desperately loose. The best solution to this problem is the full spring. Learn how to buy a ring online.